Friday, October 7, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent

When it comes to effortlessly complimenting a chic skin tight evening dress there's nothing better than to have OPTIONS! Yves Saint Laurent is a silent killer when women shoes are the topic of any conversation. After coming across two of the most classic YSL women shoes I was so eager to share them with my shoe guru's. Your typical wedge or platform pump doesn't bring anything new to your outfit and no form of levitation to the pep of your step. So, if you do not have either of these dominating shoe forces, then they have to be on the top of your shoeicide wish list :)

YSL Trib Too High Heel Pump
The YSL Trib Too High Heel Pump (on the left) is a combination of suede and patent leather. Classically safe, sexy, and a leg lover this shoe has the power to enhance your weekend-casual or elegant-evening wardrobe! The internal platform makes this pump look polished and chic as opposed to the exposed platforms. What do you think. The heel is only 4 inches so I wonder why they are called "too high heel" because 5 inches or more are too high. They are cost a lengthy 795.00 on the YSL Official Website. If you think the price is a pocket pincher just think of it as if it's less than 1,000 and way cheaper than a pair of Alexander McQueens :)

The all black suede YSL Trubute High Heel Slingback (below) is edgy, sexy, and sleek! They are not too simple but just enough innovation to make a bold statement. If I were given a choice to pick between the YSL slingback and the pump I would definitely go with the slingback. The gold encrusted metal chain that was inspired by previous YSL collections just does something for me!

YSL Tribute High Heel Slingback
A bright fingernail polish to accent the peep toe and the fringe would set the shoe off. The 4 inch suede slingback costs 995.00 on the official YSL website. Treat yourself with a shopping back from YSL because these two silent killers are this seasons "IT SHOES." It's not what your wear but how you wear it and the confidence it instills in the way you walk... YSL!

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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