Sunday, October 23, 2011

SIXby6Bloggers Exclusive launch Party

Most fashion lovers dream to visit and even live in Paris one day! Paris speaks VINTAGE, CHANEL, and most of all HISTORIC FASHION! Speaking of history, the London based shoe company Six, makers of shoes for Opening Ceremony bSTORE and Ksubi, made history when they successfully launched a project called Sixby6 bloggers. The London based shoe company collaborated with six influential fashion bloggers to creatively construct their dream shoe design for a limited production. The six fashion bloggers chosen by the London based shoe company Six were Susie Lau, Caroline Blomst, Alix Bancourt, Leandra Medine, Steve Salter, and Yvan Ridoc. The launch party for the six amazing shoes was breath taking, eye gazing, and heaven to all shoe lovers!

Here the six handpicked bloggers and their dream shoe's that they designed...


The shoe to the left is entitled "STYLE BUBBLE" 
and was created by
international designer/blogger 



The shoe to the above is entitled the "Face Hunter"
and was designed by Yvan Ridoc.

The shoe above is entitled "Caroline's Mode" and was designed by Caroline Blomst.

The shoe above is entitled "The Man Reppeller" and was created by Leandre Medine.


The shoe above is entitled "Style Savage" and was created by Steve Salter.

The shoe above is entitled "The Cherry Blossom Girl" and was designed by Alix Bancourt.
The Launch Party in Paris...

The footage of the launch party in Paric captured the beauty, dedication, and love that bloggers have for FASHION and Shoe. I'ts amazing to see bloggers successfully design wearable fashion forward foot wear despite the fact that they normally do not design shoes! The footage allows the bloggers to actually come to life as they are seen and heard speaking about their designs rather than reading quotes or just viewing photographs. The Sixby6 bloggers project was very successfully and all of the shoe designs are absolutely fabolous. After all "Paris" is the place where FASHION LIVES! LOL

I was eager to view the shoe's that Susie Bubble (Susie Lau) came up with because she is such a great fashion forward individual. The color blocking, the loud colors, and the blocked heel screams Japan street fashion to me! I couldn't see myself wearing them, but I would definitely recommend them to a few fashion lovers! The mens "style savage" by Steve Salter was very appealing to the eye. I honestly believe that the shoe would have a high demand because it's simple but dramatic all at the same time! The shoe can be paired with a casual look and also a conservative dressy look as well, and I love a versatile mens shoe.  The Cherry Blossom Girl shoe is extremly feminine and for the girly girl type. The rhinestones and satin material says so much about the designer and the shoes inspiration.

The Man Repeller is a edgy chic boot that I would wear on a nice fall day. They seem a bit dangerous because of the spikes but other than that I love, LOVE, love them. Carolines Mode is a shoe that does nothing for me. I am not a lover of the cow girl boot trend, however, it is wearable but NOT BY ME. Last, the Man Hunter is a clean and stylishly polished shoe for men. If you are interested in purchasing any of the six pairs of shoes they can be found on or on It's safe to say that the six bloggers are official shoe designers and should continue to design shoes, but who knows?!?!

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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