Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Shoes & Bold Risks...

Be the center of attention, take a bold shoe risk, and own every levitated step you take with  a pair of Bakers Shoes that are funky, spunk, and less than 100.00! Some shoe critics may think that the IRATE Bakers shoe (below) are not appealing in any aspect. While others (like me) will fall instantly in love with them. This innovative animal leopard print wedge shows the power of  what a wedge heel can possibly do.

The Irate Wedge is a representation of drama and animal print done correctly, so don't worry about being tacky or out of place. Loosen up and put on your best and steal the show with these wedges. With a shoe that has so much going on I would definately reccommend wearing solid colors like all white or denim to let the shoe speak for itself! These wedge heels can also be easily worn with a simple skinny straight legged denim jean, or a pretty skin tight or flowy dress that stops above the knee! Too much goin on with your wardrobe can easily unflatter your assemble, since the shoes have a lot already going on!
Would YOU wear them?

In terms of CONFIDENCE, LEVITATION, and GRAVITATION this shoe has so much to offer! IRATE is a wedge that  has the ability to reflect how a shoe lover is actually feeling. Shoes like the IRATE Wedge  can not instill or provide confidence, but more so enhance and compliment an individuals level of confidence. So if your not bold enough do not take the risk because the eye stares will force you take these pretty peep toes off your feet immediately!!!!! 

You can find these wedges on the official Bakers Shoes website for 99.00 along with many other endearing wedge heels. Shoes make me happy and the shoes above are all about expression. I would definitely take the risk and wear the IRATE Wedge, make the statement, and walk with every ounce of confidence in my body! I appreciate the weirdness and indifference in some shoes. Not every girl is content with the typical suede or leather pump, or the color block shoe, so add some spice with print, cut outs, and feathers. These shoes are what every girl needs to broaden their shoe collection!

GO GET THEM my shoe GURU'S :)

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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