Friday, September 30, 2011

In Fashion We TRUST

Last time I checked STUDS were a thing of the past! Designers like Marc Jacobs, Ungaro, Steve Madden, and Chanel flooded runways and street fashion with studded and spiked shoes, garments, and accessories in 2009. Well this 80's trend gave me every thing I needed when I viewed the Christian Louboutin Mens 2011 Fall Collection of shoes. After seeing photographs of celebrities like Swizz Beats and Pharrell Williams wearing the Louboutin Studed sneakers on different occasions I just knew they were vintage. -->

Caught by surprise and a little suspense I thought that the studded season was over, but obviously not! The 2011 Fall Men's Louboutin Colletion is absouletly breath taking, edgy, and most certainly bombarded with studs. I think that men's collection is more about what Louboutin wanted to design rather than what was trending for the fall. Do you think that studs are a thing of the past? Whether you think so or not Louboutin is one of Fashions most prominent trendsetters and we have to trust the designers who set the trends for the season! It takes a bold man to wear a STUDED or SPIKED out shoe that could be mistaken for a late 2009 Fall designer collection! Would you take the RISK? 

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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