Friday, October 14, 2011


There are pretty shoes, cute boots, the popular basketball sneakers, and then there are these things called TOMS shoes that everyone seems to be going crazy over! Apparently, the next best thing in men, women, and children shoe collections are TOMS.  The Canvas slip ons are available in numerous patterns, classic solid colors, weird prints, and the jaw dropping patterns like leopard, hounds tooth, zebra etc. A wide of celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Julian Roberts, Brad Pitt, and Scarlett Johanssen have been seen sporting them consistently. This ordinary shoe that "the celebrities wear" has been said to be extremely comfortable, stylish and affordable.

        Celebrities CAUGHT wearing TOMS! 

TOMS shoes are more than just a stylish ordinary shoe, but rather a representation of goodwill, eco-friendly, and philanthropy. These shoes were founded and created by Blake Mycoskie with one objective and many motives! The company provides a pair of new TOMS shoes to a child in need every single time a pair of TOMS shoes are purchased! So whenever you purchase a pair of TOMS shoes your giving a new pair of shoes to a child in a third world country, while preventing them from all types of diseases that can be obtained from walking barefoot. The TOMS shoes "One for One" movement has created a versatile market of consumers that ranges from young, mid-aged, old, celebrities, and every socially economic class in the world. You should join in and support a good cause while wearing a pair of awesome gravitated shoes!

Blake carrying out the "ONE for ONE" mission!

Even though I am not CRAZY about the overall design and layout of the canvis TOMS shoe I would wear them just to support the mission of giving! SHOES should make you happy and whether the appearance is stunning or not they will definately make a statement, fashionable complement a wordrabe, and change everything about the confidence in your step. So be like the celebrities and make people wonder why you chose TOMS over uggs or an ordinary slip and go purcharse your first pair! TOMS shoes can be found and purchased on ebay, zappos, major department stores like Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus, and the official TOMS Shoes website.

You can be STYLISH and ECO-FRIENDLY all at one time with a pair of TOMS SHOES!

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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