Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Always Good to Pay Less! (Shoe Review)

One of the most fustrating things that a fashionista can encounter is shopping on a budget and looking for an edgy, glamourous, designer shoe to create a wow factor when stepping out the door to sieze the day! The last place most females would go to shop for BIG DESIGNER NAMES is PayLess. Set with the idea that PayLess shoes are cheap, classic, and far from fashionable they walk right pass the store not knowing that they're problems have been solved! The Christian Siriano Shoe Collection for Payless has set the bar high for all you fashion shoe lovers on a budget :)


              Me in my Christian Siriano Noir Strut's
I purchased my first pair of Christian Siriano Shoes for Payless in 2009. This was a major fashion moment for me because I watched him conquer his dreams in fashion, starting with Project Runway! I was excited and in shock beyond disbelief that I was actually about to purchase an afortable designer shoe of my own. The Christian Siriano Fall 2009 Collection of shoes  were well wraped in an all black golden scripted shoe box and they were visually STUNNING!
Suprised that they didn't look cheap I wanted them all, but my pockets only allowed me to choose one! So I decided on the all black patent leather Noir Strut shoe! The shoe was priced at 39.99 with no tax and it was a well constructed 4 1/2 inch pump! The body of the shoe and heel was textured with a very small snake skin print that was unnoticable unless you closely looked at the shoe in the light. The heel was an odd unique cone shape that complimented the shoe from a side view! It's round toe had three small gold chains that flawlessly sat on top of the shoe, hanging, where your toes would typically be. The Noir Strut was a perfect comfortable fit, looked very expensive, and made me feel like I had on one of the best designer shoes in the world. The only issue that I had was that the heel became unstable after a while. Leaning to left and right I would find myself unable to walk properly, dance, and strut like I typically would.

The minor heel setback didn't stop me from checking out Christian Siriano's new  2011/2012 Fall Shoe Collection for Payless! I walked into the store with high expectations about two weeks ago after viewing the commercial several times. Looking with big eyes I noticed that Siriano's Payless collection is now called the "GOLD COLLECTION." There were  a total of seven pairs of shoes for the PayLess Collection; two pumps, two ankle boots, two flats, and one bootie.  The pumps, boots, and bootie were refined platforms with a 5 inch heel. All of them were black with the exception for one olive green snake skin pump and one flat. One of the ankle boots were cover with fur and a bright gold zipper ran from the front of the shoe to the top of the anklet. The furry ankle boot had a pencil skinny stilleto heel unlike the rest of the shoes in the Gold Collection.  The second ankle boot was all leather with a small snake skin print. This ankle boot was edgy because of the buckles and straps that wrapped all around the boot with touchs of bright gold buckles and studs.
The flats and the platform heels had a square toe that had an edgy gold strip that wrapped vertically across the vamp of the shoe. One of the flats and one pump had a  rough snake skin feel to them. After trying on all of the shoes I noticed that the insole of the shoes were padded and extremly soft and comfortable inside unlike the Nior Strut's that I had brought back in 2009! The heels were very sterdy and the platform made me feel like I was not standing 5 inchs high in the air. I was disapointed that he didn't stick with his odd cone shaped heel because it really made his shoes stick out as Christian Siriano's. Personally, the shoes are very edgy and fashionable, but I am not a fan of either of the ankle boots in the collections. The fur boot looks very cheap, tacky, and fur all done wrong. However, the overall collection outside of the ankle boots seems very conservative for a woman dressed in a three piece suit or a dress whos headed to work! I can't image a young fashionista purchasing any of the shoes to go with a sassy dress that says GLAM! The flats were priced at 49.99, the bootie was 54.99 and the heels were priced at 69.99! A little more pricer than his last PayLess Collection, but less expensive than the average popular shoe designers shoe.
You be the judge for yourself just by the view below.  How do you feel about the collection? Do you think the ankle boots are wearable? Despite what you think about the shoe design as a whole Christian Siriano should be given credit just for taking PAYLESS to a whole other level interms of providing a great designer shoe! People who have never shopped in the store are making their way in to see, try on, and even purchase the shoes. These runway shoes have made it to the NY Fashion week and yet they are being sold in Payless for less than 100.00.


Overall, Christian Siriano Payless Collection of shoes are extremely eye-catching and very polished FOR THE CONSERVATIVE FASHIONABLE MATURE WOMEN! They are everything but simple and subtle, yet they give off a dazzle of drama and volume! Despite the fact that they are bulky, the shoes speak SIRIANO and every bit of faboulosity that he stands for. BOLD, ENDEARING, CHIC, and VOLUME! The specified details from the distinctive teal green bottoms to the gold encrusted shoe pad just makes a girl smile knowing that she has a KILLER designer shoe for a reasonable price! I am anxious to see what he comes up with next season...

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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