Friday, September 9, 2011

SHOES are what I'm up to...

The image I seenw hen I went to phone a friend!
For as long as I can remember beautiful clothes and shoes to die for have made me happy! There's nothing more in life than to get paid just to play dress up, pick out shoes, & put together the most fabulous ensembles. So, when I tried to narrow down my options for a blog focal point my initial thought was FASHION! I’ve been yearning for so long to express my love for it to the world, but Criminal Justice has been the spot light of my life while FASHION has been it's shadow.
Being the over analyzing and indecisive individual that I am, I found myself at a DEAD END wondering if i should take the risk to do what I actually LOVE! As a result, I went to unlock my iPhone to phone a friend for advice, and my lustful passion for FASHION had been staring me in the face the entire time! SHOES, SHOES, SHOES! ---  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -->>

With fashion being more than just a way of life many individuals have fallen for the allure of SHOE logos, brands, and trademarks. Their intricate yet simple details have dressed the modern and traditional men and woman of yesterday and today’s world of fashion. Styles varying from decade trends, colors, shapes, heel inches, and overall design have proven that a fashionable shoe puts a little more confidence in the way we walk. The power of a functional and fashionable shoe can create the illusion of levitation physically, mentally, and literally emotionally. Levitation at its greatest fashion state is when a pair of high heel shoes makes a woman six feet tall and overbearing with poise!

Have you ever worn a shoe that has empowered your confidence so much that you feel lifted off of the ground emotionally? Or are you that individual who wears Christian Louboutin footwear to keep you grounded mentally just knowing how much they are worth? Is it the comfortable cute flat or broken in sneaker that makes you feel gravitated?  Maybe your style requires you to go for a 70’s vintage shoe? Whether you believe it or not your aspirations and style of life for levitation and gravitation are what inspire your shoe for the day!  Make a statement, show your wealth, tell a story, and reveal how bold you are all with a SHOE! So overall, what’s a nation without the power of a funky, chic, vintage, trending, soulful, LEVITATED, GRAVITATED, fashion forward SHOE!?!  

Absolutely nothing because we live in a SHOEnation…you should think about it!

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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