Friday, September 30, 2011

Top 5 Shoe Designers to Look Out For!

In the fashion industry trends, seasons, styles, and fabrics change consistently! However, there is always a great demand for the NEWEST HOTEST designer labels because everyone wants to be the first to wear whats NEW. MSN Lifestyle Beauty & Fashion suggested that we shoe guru's:

"Forget about them striking Jimmy Choo's, Carrie Bradshaw's Manolo Blahnik's red shoe
 soles of Christian Louboutin's as we celebrate the entrance of the following up and
coming shoe designers. From bold cut out designs to skyrocketing avant-garde heels, there are no challenges that these artisans have not taken on."
Apparently, there are a few designer labels that us shoe gurus, fashion stylists, and fashionistas must look out for when shopping for an endearing new high fashion shoe design. The top 5 shoe designer labels that will soon take the world of fashion by storm are Alegandro Ingelmo, Aperlai, Camillla Skovgaard, Casadei, and Charlotte Olympia. These shoe designers have signature styles that range from old-school glamour to architectural platflams. Celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardarshian, Beyonce, and boho-chic Vanessa Hudgens have already become fans of the designer labels.
Far from relatively new some of the designers of the labels have won Swarovski Awards for Accessory Design like Alegandro Ingelmo and Camilla Skovgaard. While other designers have been born into the world of fashion like designer Charlotte Dellal owner of Charlotte Olympia who is the daughter of the famous ex-Brazilian model Andrea Dellal. After viewing a few of the designs I can tell that Levitation and Gravitation are two things that can be achieved from all five of the labels! Why don't you be the judge...


                                      1. Alejandro Ingelmo 

                                      2. Aperli

                                        3. Camille Skovgaard
Camilla Skovgaard(trineswardrobe)
                                      4. Casadei
                                       5. Charlotte Olympia
charlotte olympia

The prominent features of these five collections are enough to make a shoe lover have a shoegasm! They are High quality, High priced, and High heels that makes a woman feel six feet tall. You can check out prices and other shoe designs by clicking on the highlighted designer labels above the collections. Don't be late this season with those same old designer labels in your closet. Take a risk and make a statement with these 5 up and coming shoe designers!

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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