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Innovative Fashion Alert & Interview!!!: Copy and P@ste Clothiers

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, one brilliant idea geared towards innovative fashion has emerged and will soon take the industry by storm!

a pioneering contemporary yet edgy clothing line has set the bar with its distinctive garments and compelling mission statement. The brand offers an unquestionably spiffy collection entitled "Members Only," that consist of artistic inspired vintage jackets & vests with impeccable patch & stud hand craftsmanship; logo embellished graphic tees and sweatshirts...
Mitch Match Shirt
California Love Jacket
The Original Vest  
Crewneck Black Sweater

These are just a few garments, however...

The Copy & P@ste Look book, which can be completely viewed on the official Copy & P@ste website, provides an illusion of an exclusive social club who is garnished in the brands garments. The members of the social club  collectively engage in a entertaining social event that consist of one of the finer things in life: a lifestyle surrounded by art, fashion, music, and extracurricular activities of ones choice!



  I Just had to give you a few photos from the look book for eye gazing, but...

As a FASHION LOVER you all know that I have the ability to bluster about how ORIGINAL, DOPE, and CREATIVE this line is, but behind the fashion Copy and P@ste has an impeccable direction for it's brand! The Copy and P@ste Tagline sets a distinguishing tone for its consumers which states, "COPY ALL THINE EYES WITNESS AND PASTE ALL THAT DEFINES THE HEART." The Tagline instills a sense of confidence and a positive attitude in consumers who lack those major components and enhances or reflects the confidence in consumers who already attains an assured attitude! Creatively incorporating the arrow and hand computer icons within garment designs, Copy & P@ste Clothiers has successfully molded a visual concept to reflect the brands mission statement and tagline! The extraordinaries behind the Copy and P@ste Clothing Line, its vision, brand, and style are Andrew Kelly, Head Designer/President; Bilal Joseph, Head of Marketing/Vice Presiden; Dre Enabosi, Head of Operations.

Andrew Kelly, Head Designer /President

Bilal Joseph, Head of Marketing/Vice President

Dre Enabosi, Head of Operations

I thought it would be better for you all to hear from the members of Copy and P@ste Clothiers for yourselves! So, recently I linked up with Bilal Joseph, Head of Marketing/Vice President to ask a few questions about the brand!

Q: Copy and P@ste Clothiers has an extremely unique and distinctive visual concept for its clothing designs, who came up with the creative approach/ideas for the direction of the brand and what inspired it? Also, at what point did the three of you say "THIS IS IT," and we are going to go for it?
A: To say that the Copy and P@ste Clothiers brand started by accident or that it is was fate is not so far from the truth. President and Head Designer, Andrew Kelly, had always dreamed of doing fashion and had started a brand prior to Copy and P@ste. However, the company had never got quite off the ground once Andrew decided on just taking a break from developing the brand. During that time, Andrew kept his creative prowess and started focusing his energy on custom denim jackets.

What started as a pet project, started taking on the makings of a potential brand. Over the course of a few months, Andrew had developed several "Copy & P@ste" jackets and started to push the concept as a luxury vintage brand. Having the belief that Copy and P@ste had the potential to go beyond just customized vintage denim, he then sort the help of two of his collegiate friends, Bilal Joseph and Dre Enabosi. With the inception of a full team, the "three headed monster" began working on the development of the line, marketing strategies, and most importantly getting within the very selective "IN CROWD" of the fashion/entertainment industry!

Each member of the team provided a genuine talent and added their own flair to the company. Within a few months the Copy and P@ste team had befriended several young industry "super talents" and started getting recognition for having a dynamic product. It was then that the three members of Copy and P@ste Clothiers knew the skies were indeed the limit and that it was on them to show the world all that they had to offer.

Q: With me being a shoe lover, I would like to know what footwear do you in particular pair with your Copy and P@ste garments when you're out rocking the brands vests, jackets, and tops?

A: Bilil, me personally I like to wear shoes according to my look. So, if I'm going for a rocker look I might wear some sneakers/shoes that represent the rocker movement. If I'm going European I'll put on some Gucci's or some Farragomos. 

Q: I noticed that the "Members Only" Collection focused entirely on Men's Wear. So will the company make any effort to design Women's Wear in the near future?
A: Yes, we actually have female jackets coming out this spring for our Spring Collection which is entitled "Copy and P@ste Presents the Supper Club: Dinner and Denim." And we also have a big collaboration with accessory designers Coco and Breezy in which we will release a " His and Hers Varsity Jacket." The title of that project will be called Copy & P@ste Presents the Supper Club: Appetizers which will come out before the Spring Collection.

Q: Overall, what is in store for Copy and P@ste Clothiers in the future like a new clothing line, fashion events, collaborations, interviews, showcases etc.?
A: We have the collaboration with Coco and Breezy coming around February 2012 before fashion week. We are going to LA in January 2012 for a week to shoot the campaign for our Spring Supper Club Collection. We will also be in Las Vegas for the Magic Show in February 2012. Just work, grind, and traveling Copy and P@sting inspiration as we go! We know this stuff does not happen overnight so consistency is what you can expect from us. 

Q: Outside of the general public being targeted audiences for your clothing, on a larger scale, who do you aspire to wear the brands garments like public figures or celebrities?
A: Kanye West of course, Joe Jonas, Pit Bull, Rhianna, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kucher, and Swizz Beatz. We try to let our clothes and the fit determine the market for us, but as you can see we aim for the TRENDSTARTERS and not the TRENDSETTERS LOL.

Q: It takes a lot to get a clothing line started and marketed, so what are some of the initiatives that have already been taken to market Copy and P@ste Clothiers like interviews, fashion shows etc.?
A: So far we threw a mini launch party so the people within our networks could be aware of what we are doing. We also did a fashion show at the Samsung Experience in Columbus Circe, NYC. We we featured on a Los Angeles based fashion blog mypinkgrasshopper.com and the New York based fashion blog FashionBomb.com. Rite now we are in downtime developing new ideas and concepts, but to of next year we will be blasting off Copy and P@ste everywhere!

Q: Currently where can Copy and P@ste products be purchased and where do you see your clothes being retailed in the near future?
A: As of now the products can not be purchased anywhere lol. BUT, we do have a website copyandpasteclothiers.com along, which is the only store where items can be purchased because we decided as a team to re-ramp everything from our marketing plan down to the website. We are a total different company NOW as opposed to when and how we initially started.
Q: Last, what motivating advice would you give to individuals who aspire to start a brand with just an idea and a dream?
A: Go for it, take the leap of faith and shoot the shot. You'll never know your limitations if you've never pushed it to the limit!

  I must add that Breezy of Coco and Breezy has been rocking the "Dalmation Copy and P@ste Jacket"....MAJOR! MAJOR! MAJOR!

Dalmation Jacket
Before I bring this post to an end I must say that the members of Copy and P@ste Clothiers are paving the way for their brand while strategically setting its company up for success! I admire their passion for fashion and their bold indifference, in regards to their image, garments, and way of marketing the brand!

It is imperative that you visit their official website at copyandpasteclothiers.com! Pick up a note pad, take notes, and be attentive because the minute you take you eye off of these three innovators the brand will be SUBSTANTIALLY MAJOR before you can place your attention back on them!

I wish the members of Copy and P@ste Clothiers  SUCCESS and PROSPERITY!

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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