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The Campbell Experience...Jeffery that is!

Feeling as If I was on some sort of adventurous escapade to satisfy a quenching shoe fetish of mine I spontaneously went on a random journey to the Big City for some shoe shopping. Despising the idea of waiting for a train, standing in a cart packed like sardines, and being in the presence of conversations and events that I had no control of, I decided to live a little by putting down my car keys and purchasing a metro card!

The site of Union Square in a matter of minutes without the horn blowing, traffic lights, and aggressive New York CITY pedestrians was everything that a girl could ask for! I literally felt like I had been chauffeured and surprisingly satisfied that I didn't experience the awful realms of commuting on public transportation! By the way, I can't wait to do it again!

Well anyway, the smell of hot dogs and the scenery of Starbucks cups in every other individuals hand who walked passed me made me chuckle. I've never really seen this perspective of the city because I'm always driving with my windows up, my music on full blast, and staring at the traffic light. Outside of seeing everyone with Starbucks cups it was cool to see people who had their own style.

 It seemed as if no one looked the same and everyone boldly wore garments that represented their individual styles. Punk rock, chic, classy, edgy, bright colors, earthy tones etc. I had to stop myself from snapping pictures at random people and their SHOES lol. While walking I passed a Starbucks and decided to be a lemon! I grabbed a holiday gingerbread latte and I must say it was disgusting "I'm sticking to my Dunkin Donuts Guys!"

Wrapped in my American Apparel Circle Scarf, double breast trench jacket which has the illusion of a flared dress, and chestnut sundance II UGG's I bounced from store to store to find the perfect Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoe! I was so set on finding a Jeffery Campbell shoe because I think that they are extremely DOPE, I couldn't walk into a store in my city to get them, I was skeptical about ordering them on the internet, and plain and simple they are just uniquely crafted and I'm always a sucker for a shoe that doesn't look average. To add, I was kind of curious to see if they actually live up to their appealing image that they give off on the internet because I've viewed so many shoes on the internet and walked into a store to see them AND the quality, detail, and overall shoe did not reflect the image on the internet.

So I walked into a stored named ZACKY'S on Broadway and seen an array of shoes.

There were shoes everywhere, SO I asked to be directed to the Jeffery Campbell section. The minute I saw the the designers shoes I knew that I would be walking out of that store HAPPY because they all were flawless! Then I entered the "waiting stage," where your hoping and wishing that they have your size! Everyone knows that it is the most disappointing feeling in the world to pick out a shoe, love it, want it, and can't purchase it because your shoe size is sold out :(  BUT, I was lucky on that day because a size 9 came out and I was overly excited! YES I WAS OVERLY EXCITED FOR A SHOE LOL! I tried them on and they looked fab on my feet as I walked around to see if they were comfortable.  AND YES I definitely followed the rules on how to find the perfect shoe BUDGET, STYLE, & COMFORT! I purchased them and walked out of the store a HAPPY CAMPER...

There is no need to describe them, check them out yourself!


Me and my boyfriend hit the city for a night of partying at the Highline Ballroom and I wore my Jeffrey Campbells! In the mist of wearing them I ATTEMPTED TO COLOR BLOCK as well. Beyond satisfied with the platform support, block heel, and drastic embellishments I walked with every levitated step in my body :)

I danced for about two hours and my feet were amazingly on cloud nine! The Lita shoe is made for walking if you ask me because there are not too many shoes that are flawless, have a great high heel, and will allow you to walk or dance in them for hours without your feet hurting. SO THEY ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LADIES!

We all know that shoe's make me happy, but I'm just way too overly excited with my Jeffrey Campbell's... If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and go on a adventure by surfing the net, traveling to a Jeffery Campbell retailer and get yourself a pair NOW! However, taking a trip to New York City and barging in and out of amazing stores filled with shoes, clothes, accessories, and all the necessary components of a fashionable ensemble beats surfing the net... BUT I'M not down playing internet shopping lol. It's just that touching fabrics, picking up a shoe, seeing the actual quality of an accessory just does something for me on my worst day!

For that specific reason, I sit and ask myself if FASHION is really the path that I would like to take, nearly everyday, because it will not be easy. Sitting in class rooms for almost nine years, high school & undergraduate, focusing on Criminal Justice and Legal Professional Studies was all I needed to let me know that FASHION is where I aspire to be in regards to my career! For some reason I just see myself some where other than the Criminal Justice Field and no where far from the Fashion/Entertainment Industry.

My Jeffery Campbell experience really made me understand why I chose to take a different path in life! Courageously taking the risk to jump from all I knew to something that I had no professional or educated knowledge of is a challenge that I face everyday and a battle won by so many successful individuals! June Ambrose, Crystal Streets, and Ralph Lauren are three of those successful individuals who took that same risk! Therefore, I've come to believe that with all the possibilities in the world there are twice as many obstacles that one must overcome to reach the pinnacle of their career! If they can do it then why can't I?

Celebrity Stylist and Designer June Ambrose was not always the Fashion Vixen that she is today within the fashion industry! Prior to being an amazing Celebrity Stylist, June Ambrose was an investment banker! While conducting an interview with she shared the fact that investment banking was something that she considered to be a "dead end job." While discussing style and fashion in this particular interview she stated:

"I always wanted to walk into a room and be the focus of it, that was just my shtick. I was going to use myself to get my foot in the door and make things happen. I wanted to take urban style and make it something cinematic and forward… A kind of high market approach. I bought in all these elements and designed all these pieces for this scene when nobody wanted to give Mariah Carey gowns.”

June Ambrose went from being an investment banker to taking a risk  for the one thing that she had a passion for! After two years of finance she realized that her investment banking job was not where she wanted to be. While interning at MCA Records she then began styling groups that were up and coming, one of which was 702!  For more than fifteen years June Ambrose has made a mark in the fashion/entertainment industry while working with a diverse group of individuals. SHE is the innovative master mind who made the decision to put Missy Elliot, rapper, in a black garbage bag for her "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" video. While being the long time stylist of Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Sean Combs and many more.

Some of June Ambrose major ventures includes being the "style architect" of the new hit television show THE X  FACTOR. Simon Cowell's show requires June Ambrose to style the looks of all seventeen talent contestants each week as they perform live for America until their is one winner. Here is one of the looks that she has customly created and designed for a contestant on the show:

Three Piece Denim Tux Designed by June Ambrose
for contestant Marcus Canty


As I was scrolling through June Ambrose astonishing twitpics on twitter @juneambrose I noticed that her SHOE TASTE is impeccable! Here is one of my favorite shoes that she posted along with it's caption

Maverick Monday! Holiday Shoegasm: Sock color block to a Xmas soirée!These Dolce Vita suede Sandal R great day & night
Outside of June Ambrose being the style architect on "The X Factor" and a Celebrity Stylist she is also filming and working on a VH1 reality television show of her own! The show is entitled "Styled by June," it airs on February 27, 2012 and focuses on her life as stylist, mother, and wife juggling them all at one time! Cameras follow her around daily to depict the true essence of  the life of a stylist. There's nearly no footage, edited clips, or sneak peaks of the show except for one clip I found that displays what went on behind the scenes of the promo and opening sequence shoot for the show; which is not much but here it is...

I can not wait until "Syled by June" airs because she is such a phenomenal individual. For an individual to leave a set well paid job to do the work that they love is rare because not everyone is willing to take the risk of being in a risky or unsafe zone! Her personal style is eccentric and reflects her ability to put together a memorable look. I admire the journey and path that allowed June Ambrose to get where she is today in regards to her career and success. With her being the author of a Fashion book entitled "Effortless Style," a well established celebrity stylist, and designer who has never attended Fashion school SHE INSPIRES ME TO TAKE THAT RISK!

She was not always a fashion expert and that didn't stop her from becoming one and this will not stopy me either! Fashion Blogging, My Jeffery Campbell Experience, and individuals like June Ambrose are things that have allowed me to see that  I am Fashion, it makes me happy, and being apart of it isn't impossible....

P.S: there's more to me than just loving shoes :)

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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