Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HOW TO Pick out the PERFECT SHOES :)

There are so many individuals who have no sense of direction, fashion sense, or  an idea of where to begin when it's time to find the most perfect shoes! The best of fashion is always at your fingertips and the shoes that you PICK UP, PURCHASE, AND PUT ON with your hands should empower every bit of your confidence, which makes them perfect! SO, i decided to provide you will instructions on how 
                                       to pick out the perfect shoes along with a little advice!  

Lets start with COST...
Before you attempt to view any shoe, surf the net, walk into a shoe store, or ask for a shoe size know your budget! How much are you willing to spend on the shoe that will make you smile and empower your confidence? It’s the most hurtful and disappointing feeling in the world to find a shoe that you’ve fallen in love with and you can not afford it! While on the other hand, if you have no budget then your options will be limitless and you’ll find yourself being indecisive or overspending! As I like to say there’s never enough OPTIONS when it comes to shopping for the things that make you the happiest!  

However, it’s always a plus to have a little more than you’re willing to spend because a HOT shoe can sometimes push you over the edge. There are perfect shoes that can fall into any price range so if your on a budget don’t think that you have no chance of finding an eye gazing shoe because your wrong! I’ve seen shoes that cost little to nothing and are perfect, but I’ve also seen shoes that cost an extensive amount of money and my smile was just as bright!

The only problem with some shoes that are not costly is that the quality of the heel or the material may fall short. I’ve worn high heels and platform shoes where my heel would feel like it’s leaning or unstable because the quality is not there! QUALITY COSTS and QUALITY LASTS! My biggest advice to those who are looking for the perfect shoe is to always stay within your price range without over spending or under spending while thinking about quality, your happiness, and most of all your BUDGET.

C O M F O R T:

WE HAVE TO DO BETTER WHEN IT COMES TO BEING COMFORTABLE WHEN WEARING SHOES! So, with that being said, always ask to try on two to three sizes of the same shoe when shopping. I usually try on the size that I normally wear and depending on how it fits I will ask for a size bigger or a smaller. It is extremely important to put both shoes on and walk around in the store in them and stand for maybe a minute or two in one spot just to ensure that they are comfortable enough to do what you intend to do in them. Some people purchase shoes to sit in, walk in, strut in, dance in, run in etc. COMFORT MATTERS in all of these cases because there is no excuse for a shoe to be too tight, a heel to be too high, or a boot/sneaker to be too heavy! DON’T PURCHASE an uncomfortable shoe because it will not be perfect for you!

I don't like females walking barefoot because they can’t handle a 5-6 inch heel! I laugh with shame and disgust when I WITNESS females and males purchasing too small footwear because they just had to have a particular shoe. Don’t torment yourself for a shoe that is beautifully crafted and stunning because it just may not be perfect for you! COMFORT is everything because it determines how levitated your strut will be and it boosts your confidence when standing six feet in the air! Comfort enhances the way you walk and it justifies that the money spent on your shoes were well worth the price! Before you walk out of a store make sure that the shoe you have purchased is comfortable enough for you to walk in, stand in, and do what ever it is that you plan to do in them! 

Last but not least you always have to take STYLE into consideration when looking for the perfect shoe! Everyone has their own style but there are also fashion trends that you can follow when shopping for shoes! You can ask the sales person for the newest trends that have surfaced. New shoes, sneakers, boots, trends, and colors, launch nearly everyday! The style of a shoe represents who you are as a fashion lover. I always say to myself that if you look at someone’s shoes you can determine so much about them!

No one knows if your shoe is comfortable or how much they may have cost, but the one thing that they can tell or make judgment about is the style that you chose to wear for the day, evening, or night! Be very insightful, picky, and sure about the statement you want to make with the outfit that you would like the wear because the style of your shoe always sets the tone. The style of your shoe is the first thing everyone sees, so when picking out the perfect shoe be sure that the style of the shoe reflects who you are and the statement that your looking to make!  

When you’re done shopping and your perfect shoes are on your feet  

they will feel like they were made just for you!

Cost, Comfort, and Style

Guarantees a Perfect Shoe!

Stay Levitated Until next time!
Sincerely Yours, The Shoe Guru Javia Lavette

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